Talking to Pirates

Piracy poses a major challenge for the video games industry, with an estimated 1 in 10 gamers using pirated copies. In this post, we discuss our innovative fightback against piracy in Kraken!

The Kraken Analytics Hath Awoken!

How analytics are driving post-launch edits and directing generated character dialogue.

The Kraken Wakes: Out Now!

The Kraken Wakes is available for PC on Steam today! Our exclusive, AI-powered adaptation of John Wyndham's sci-fi classic is debuting at the London Games Festival this week.

A Kraken Makeover: Redesigning Game UI

Establishing a strong visual style for Kraken has been a priority from day one – but, until recently, that distinctive style didn't extend to the game's UI. Game artist Carmen Preece discusses the process of redesigning the UI to fit The Kraken Wakes's 50s aesthetic.

Soundworld: Creating the Music for The Kraken Wakes

Music plays a crucial part in bringing a game to life. We asked The Kraken Wakes's composers, John Matthias and Jay Auborn, about the inspiration behind the soundtrack, and the innovative “emotionally adaptive score” that has been developed for the game. 

How to Build a World: Creating Cornwall Cottage

The Kraken Wakes is a globe-trotting game. 3D artist Carmen Preece discusses the steps involved in creating its many and varied environments for players to explore.

Creating Characters: Bringing Phyllis to Life

How do you take a powerful character from a novel and turn them into a fully fleshed-out, 3D NPC? We explore the processes involved in bringing John Wyndham's "Phyllis" to life.

Visualising Kraken: Design Decisions

Game design is a 21st-century art form. Art director and game developer Tom Hopewell describes the process of deciding on an aesthetic for The Kraken Wakes and implementing that look across the game.

Forever Faithful: Adapting a Novel into a Game

When transforming a classic and much-loved novel into an interactive video game, where do you begin? Our writing and narrative design lead, Rianna Dearden, discusses her approach...

John Wyndham’s The Kraken Wakes: A Sci-Fi Classic for Modern Times

Sea levels are rising. Political tensions in Europe are escalating. All over the world, something deadly is spreading, threatening the very existence of life on Earth as we know it…