An immersive game featuring ground-breaking interactive voice technology.

Speak to the characters and receive responses in real-time to change the story, as you experience an alien attack on the oceans of Planet Earth, based on
John Wyndham’s epic scifi/horror novel.

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Aliens attack Planet Earth, taking over the oceans and rising up from the deeps to battle mankind.

This exclusive adaptation of John Wyndham’s The Kraken Wakes is a ground-breaking game where you get to speak to the characters and they speak back, voice-to-voice, placing you at the heart of the story.

On your first assignment for EBC News you witness fireballs streaking across the sky, and mysteriously disappearing into the ocean depths.

As “fireball mania” takes hold across the world, you’re catapulted to stardom. But once the waters settle, it becomes clear the fireballs were only the beginning of something far more sinister…a deadly threat now lurking in the deeps…

Wishlist on Steam

AI-powered Conversation

The Kraken Wakes has been created on’s AI-powered conversation engine. You’ll use your microphone to talk to the game’s characters, and they’ll listen and respond to what you say. There are no multiple choice options here: you’re free to say what you like, and find out how your words will impact the story.

Believable Characters

In The Kraken Wakes, NPCs (non-player characters) have personalities, memories, opinions and emotions. What you say and do will impact a character’s mood and their relationship with you. Befriend your colleagues or compete with them, impress your boss and win over your sources, all through what you choose to say.

Player-driven Audio

We’ve worked with the audio team at dBs Pro to create an innovative soundtrack for The Kraken Wakes that adapts to the characters’ emotions. If something you say makes a character feel happy, the game audio will become more upbeat, and vice versa. Your words shape not only the story, but also the soundscape of the game.

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