Powered by Charisma.ai, this exclusive, interactive adaptation of John Wyndham's epic sci-fi/horror novel ran from March 2023 to April 2024.

Players investigated a mysterious attack on the oceans of Planet Earth and discovered how their words could shape the story.

Part of the 2023 Official Selection for the London Games Festival
The flooded office of the English Broadcasting Company.
Two sailors on a ship talking to each other.
Two characters sitting outside a Cornwall cottage in conversation.
A ship's captain kneeling on a boat.

You're on a fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean, on your first assignment as a reporter for the prestigious EBC News, when you witness a showstopper story: mysterious fireballs streaking across the sky and crashing down into the ocean's depths.

Immediately, you're catapulted to journalistic stardom. But once the waters settle, it becomes clear the fireballs were only the beginning of something far more sinister…a deadly threat now lurking in the deeps…

The Kraken Wakes is the exclusive adaptation of John Wyndham’s epic 1950s sci-fi/horror novel. In this narrative-rich experience, you answer the characters’ questions by talking or typing in natural language, rather than selecting from multiple choice options. What you say can influence the characters’ actions and emotions, shaping the story as it unfolds.

Devise eye-catching headlines, deliver knock-out press conference performances, and negotiate with governments in your mission to uncover the truth about the fireballs before it’s too late.